Children’s Book Trailer Award

Children’s Book Trailer Award

Wexford Literary Festival Announces a Book Trailer Competition for schools in County Wexford.






Wexford literary festival have announced a competition which aims to get students in every national and secondary school in Wexford reaching for a book to read and then depicting its story and characters in their own unique book trailer. Commenting on the launch of the competition one of the judges Children’s Author and Reader in Residence with Wexford Public Library Services Caroline Busher said:-
“One of the aims of Wexford Literary Festival is to increase the interest in reading in County Wexford. This exciting competition will give students across the county an opportunity to shape and visualise what they have read and to depict it in a book trailer.”
Entries will be accepted in three age categories; 10 – 12 years old, 13 – 15 years old and 16 – 18 years old. There will be prizes in each category for the winning schools.
The closing date for entries is 1 September and winners will be announced during the festival at a special library event on 3rd November.

Please e-mail entries using to


Wexford Literary Festival Book Trailer Competition

Information for Schools.

  1. Introduction.

Wexford Literary Festival aims is to get people reading and so we are delighted to announce a competition for national and secondary schools in County Wexford that we are sure will get students reaching for a new book.

Book Trailers are a fun and engaging way for students to get reading and thinking about new books. They can help develop critical reading skills as readers explore what makes the characters tick and let their imaginations fly as they take note of the location and settings used in each story.

Then by using this understanding, students can in turn create an exciting book trailer that will help to entice new readers to pick up their chosen book by telling the story of the book.

Wexford Literary Festival is inviting pupils across Wexford to create a trailer from a book of their choice.

  1. What makes a great book trailer?

A book trailer is an advertisement for a book that can use still images, video, typography and voice over or any combination of these elements. A great book trailer will present the book’s key events without giving too much of the storyline away. It will be bold and capture an audience’s attention from the very beginning, and by the end of the trailer it should have captured their curiosity to the extent that the viewer feels compelled to read the book.

  1. How to create a great book trailer.

Firstly, read the book.

Discuss the book’s main plot lines and themes with your team and decide on the important messages from the book that your trailer must convey.

Create a storyboard, with scenes from the book that you wish to include.

Assign roles to those in your team, creating the story, filming, editing, actors/actresses, sound, lighting and final production.

Choose your own locations for each scene

Source equipment – bear in mind that many book trailers are made on a smart phone or tablet. There are lots of free editing software tools available on the internet to create your finished product

Be creative and have fun doing the project.

    1. How will the entries be judged?

The selection committee will judge the book trailers on the following criteria :

  • Creativity – The originality of the book trailer concept.
  • Message – How perfectly is the message of the book portrayed?
  • Hooks – The book trailer’s ability to capture an audience’s attention from the beginning, and its ability to encourage the viewer to read the book by the end.
  • Technical – The quality of the cinematography, soundtrack, acting and editing of the book trailer.
    1. Who can enter the competition?

Students in any national or secondary school in Wexford can enter. Entries will be accepted in three age categories; 10 – 12 years old, 13 – 15 years old and 16 – 18 years old. Entries can either be from an individual or group of students.

4.4 Prizes.

There will be great prizes for the winners in each category. Sponsored by Byrne’s Bookstore.

5. How to submit an entry.

Schools should e-mail their videos via to the following address


Please include the following details:-

  • Name and address of school
  • Name and age of students involved
  • Name of teacher
  • Contact Information (phone number and email address)
  • Title of the book depicted in the book trailer.
  1. Competition rules.

Pupils may produce an original book trailer for a book in any of the age categories.

All books are welcome; you get to choose which book you design the trailer for.

Entries are welcome from individuals or groups of students. However, no more than one entry per student.

Trailers must be under two and a half minutes in length.

The deadline for entries to the competition is 1st September 2018.

The winning entries will be announced at a special Library event during Wexford Literary Festival on Saturday 3 November, 10am. The winning students will be expected to be available for this prize giving.

7.   Further information.

Some members of the Wexford Literary Festival team will be available to visit schools to answer any questions that you may have.

To arrange a visit, or if you have further questions, please email: