Plays in a Pub

A fabulous way to see three of the plays that were shortlisted for the 2018 Billy Roche International Short Play Award. You will recognise or meet for the first time, some of our fantastic local actors put life into these new works. This is the first performance of each of these plays. Between each play, we are blessed to have our local Wexfordian blues musician, Dermot Byrne, provide additional entertainment. The three plays are:

The Award Winning Play, A Sergeant and a Gentleman, by Declan Dempsey

Twenty Years Later by Dominic Palmer

Being Schindler’s List by John J. Kelly

Time: 8pm – 10pm

Place: Holohan’s Pub , Dublin Road/ Slaney Place, Enniscorthy

Entry fee: €5

About Declan Dempsey

Declan Dempsey has been involved in drama for over thirty years. An award winning actor, he has appeared in Light Opera, in musicals, in Shakespeare, and on television.

For several years he ran a theatre company with Eoin Colfer, directing and performing in the writer’s earlier works. The sole character in Colfer’s current play, My Real Life, is, in the main, based on Declan, his experiences, and a little bit of the stuff he comes out with.

In more recent years Declan has turned to the pen and the study of writing. This year he was recipient of a John Hewitt Bursary from the Department of Foreign Affairs.He is currently working on a novel, on the strength of which he has been awarded a residency at the University of Limerick Winter School.

A Sergeant and a Gentleman is inspired by true events.

About Dominic Palmer

Dominic started writing and performing over twenty years ago, when I was still just a collection of pimples.
In the last ten years I have written, co-written, produced, directed and performed in four revue
shows, a full-length comedy drama set in Limbo, another at the gates of Hell, a medieval musical
meta satire, two Christmas shows for the National Opera House, several one-man comedy bits, and
numerous live comedy pieces and short videos through his Wexford based comic group ‘Taming of
the Crew.’
As a member of Bray’s Square One Drama group, he performed Shakespeare, Wilde and Dylan
Thomas, and won a Best Supporting Actor award in the Bray One Act festival in 2006.
His play “Hot Topics” was selected by Billy Roche for performance in Newline Theatre’s late 2014
one-act trilogy project “Triumph.”
Earlier in 2018, he was lucky enough to get the opportunity to take part in Wordplay’s exciting 24
hour writing challenge, and saw his theatrical satire “The Applicant” come to fruition on the main
stage of the National Opera House. A thrill.
“Twenty Years Later” was inspired by experiences Dominic had as a teenager growing up in Glasgow in the
late 80’s and early 90’s, and the notion of revisiting old scars, physical and emotional. He is thrilled
that the play – something of a rarity for him, in that it’s dramatic rather than comedic – has been
selected for performance as part of this brilliant 2019 literature festival.

About John J. Kelly

John is known nationally as a poet, indeed he is one of the Judges for Wexford Literary Festival’s Anthony Cronin International Poetry Award.

This is his first play. He wrote it to try and capture the way people speak, the emphasis and the colour in the language that they use. He also hoped to capture the humour that accompanies our observations of each other.

Being shortlisted meant the world to John. It has given him the confidence and determination to develop this short play into a strong, full-length adaptation either for stage or screen. And he will!